OSDE for incoming tourists


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I have a query where I need your guidance. I have been living in BsAs for almost 3 years now. My parents will be visiting from India for 2 months, on tourist VISA.
Does OSDE or other such health insurance providers provide insurance to such non-DNI holder tourists?

This would be really helpful and thanks in advance.

P.S. I did search on OSDE website but could not get any information.


yes, they can get health insurance just with passport .

However, dont expect major surgeries just after paying 1 month of instament. but still its worth it as you can get lot of things free. I suggest to go for 410..their high end plan so that they dont get too crazy if they start showing in hospital daily.


From age about 65 on health insurance is expensive in Argentina unless you've been with a plan for a decade or more.

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Rubbish. If you are elderly that could be the case.
You are correct . Except that now No one can be refused due to age...! The price though may be high for seniors...Note plans for 2 months may not be available?? Like Hospital Britanico or Aleman !


My wife called Federal several times, finally got through to another person, and they told her I would need some kind of residency document from "imigraciones." Looks like OSDE or bust.


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What is this "Federal"? Try to walk into some insurance office and talk to them, don't call. They have a tendency to be much more flexible in person. Hospital Aleman has agent tables in public area by the cashiers windows. Their health plan is kind of oversold, but they are friendly to foreigners. Talk to them. At least you will get a better idea about options available. I don't believe it is OSDE only.
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