Outdoor Swimming Pools In The City?


Aug 15, 2008
Preferably not Parque Norte. Many of the clubs like GEBA require membership. Are there any others that one can use by paying a daily fee besides the uber expensive hotels?
Parque Patricios has a pretty huge outdoor pool. I'm going to go tomorrow & check it out.
It's a public pool so it's pretty cheap. The H subway line stops right in the park so it's easy access.
Also various bus lines drive by on Ave. Caseros. # 9, 28, 65, etc.

We spent the day in Parque Norte and it wasn't too bad. The weekend must be a mob scene though. Forget about doing anything but getting wet as the pools are very crowded and you won't get in more than a couple of strokes before bumping into someone.
90 pesos to get in plus 35 for umbrella rental and 35 for a lounge chair. Bring your own food because it's expensive and the typical greasy fare.
I went to the Parque Patricios pool today & was told the same thing. It's only open to adults from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. during the week. There's a summer camp for kids during the day.
On weekends it's open to everybody till 7 PM. The fee is $35 Pesos during the week & $25 on weekends. Or maybe it's the other way around.
The pool is huge & looked very clean. There's a deep pool at the back for swimmers. No alcohol allowed at the pool. There's a concession stand there were you can buy snacks & soft drinks. No beer. You need to bring a lock to store your stuff. I might check it out tomorrow.