Overstay fine at Ezeiza


Jan 1, 2010
Has anyone paid it lately? How much is it?

Unless it is exhorbitant, I'd rather pay it than go through the ordeal of renewing my Argentine passport.

Fine should be the same at buquebus : paid 300$ (pesos) about two months ago
Thanks for the warning...!

Problem is, I left Arg. with my US passport, and re-entered it with my DNI. Now I need to go to the States, but I'm technically not here. What a mess....!

I'm leaving for Colonia tomorrow, and will try to use my DNI to exit Argentina and my US passport to get into Uruguay. Perhaps that will work.
Never thought that could be a troll.

Just discovered that the fine for overstaying a visa in Uruguay is a measly thirty dollars. I'll just pay that when I get back from Colonia, which will put me legally in Argentina again. Then I'll be able to use the passport to go to the US.

With luck, I won't even have to pay that. Once I overstayed my Uruguay visa by two months, and the immigration people at Buquebus did not even notice it.
mendozanow said:
That was clearly a troll.

Even if it was a troll, which I don't think it was, if you keep reading there is in fact information from the Canadian embassy about this exact issue. The issue is not fake. I remember it as I found the topic quite interesting and it's not the first time I've heard it. An Argentine told me about this issue before I read of the Canadian's plight. Here cousin who is a dual Argentine/EU* citizen also was not allowed to leave. It's certainly something to think about and understand.

(*dont' remember which country)
You should be able to enter and exit Argentina on your US passport. Some rules have changed. You will not have to pay the $131USD entry fee when returning because they waive that for Argentine nationals carrying a US passport. As they do regarding "overstay fees".
Two weeks ago a friend was in a similar situation with an expired AR passport , so she simply used the US passport for entry and exit. No problems.
Hola Sara, I hope all works out well for you!!!! :)
I had a similar situation, but was told by the Ezeiza guys that I had to pay a fine if I wanted to leave the country with my US passport, after having entered it with my Arg. one. My Arg. passport had expired in the meantime... I think the fine was like U$30. This was back in late December. I ended up not leaving because there was a passport problem with a relative of mine.
However, they never told me I could not leave the country...
Since then, I have renewed my Arg. passport... yes, long lines!... and, yes, if you do go to Azopardo, go there with A LOT OF PATIENCE AND A GREAT BOOK TO READ, or a good friend to chat to...! :)
Looking forward to seeing you soon!