Pachamama day is today

Rich One

The Vatican celebrates the Day of the Pachamama singing songs ..?

The ruble Amazon piragua, in front of the picture commemorates of the leftovers of a bygone woods of the Amazonia, el Mate , the seeds , the Hemp hats , Pocahontas? . Lost in the crowd to the right is a small native woman in tribal outfit.

(Reminds me of scenes from "La Mision" all time classic Film about the Vatican struggles for Power in the Iguazu Basin territory, close to home)

The Concept of a "Mother Earth" Goddess is unacceptable. Is Pure Paganism.

On October 30, 2019, on the LifeSiteNews website, Maike Hickson returned to the statements of several cardinals and bishops who condemned the pagan rites around the statuettes of Pachamama (Goddess of Mother Earth in Andean cosmogony), during the last synod. These prelates congratulated the two young men who threw the statuettes from the Church of Santa Maria into the Tiber River, near the Basilica of Saint Peter, on October 21.

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