Packing tips for moving to Argentina


Sep 12, 2009
If you had to pack again, what would you bring on your flight towards Argentina?

I have experience packing for long journeys but it will be my first time of moving to an other country. For moments I think everything is covered but then I feel I´m carrying too many clothes (I like traveling light but for this no- return-journey I am confused).

I am a big woman and when I visited Buenos Aires, five years ago it was impossible to find clothes my size. That`s why I feel I must carry the most I can, but the idea of big luggage really bothers me.

Any tips for my packing?
Thanks for the tip, they are really cool. I just reuse plastic bags (my grandmother taught me to make small bags with specific clothing, it has saved me with storms when outdoors and for easier manage of my stuff during travels)
Hi, Soleta,
As another "big woman," I say bring all the clothes you can! And those vacuum bags do hold more than ordinary plastic bags--give 'em a try. I also brought tons of books and always bring a suitcase back full of reading materials and Nestle or Ghiradelli chocolate chips. . . and still find myself starved for books and magazines in English. If you cook, bring your KitchenAid mixer because the price is out of sight here! Also bring any special supplies you use in your hobbies unless they involve football or polo.