Aug 7, 2009
Hi All,

Any recommendations on a very good, detail oriented painter that I might be able to hire to paint my place? Thanks in advance!!

does he have to speak English? I have one who doesnt...
The man who did most of the major remodeling (including painting the entire house) of the mansion here in Vicente Lopez is a gentleman named Juan Carlos Pujol, and I would recommend him highly for any type of work you may need. He is competent, detail oriented, absolutely honest and will NOT do a bad job. On severel occasions he tore down and redid items (for no charge) that were fine, but not up to his standard, including coming back up to a year later (on his nickle) to touch up some areas.

His number is 15 4417 4202..
He will give you a fixed price that will not change if the job becomes more complex then anticipated.

A really good worker who is now also a friend!

Call me at 15 4048 4297 if you want to hear more...

Good luck

Hey David,

Thanks very much for the feedback. I'll ping Juan Carlos and have a chat w/ him.


Hey David,

Juan Carlos's phone number appears to have changed. Would you happen to have the most recent?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Mike

Even though I spoke to him on that number recently, it does seem to be shut down. I'm sure I'll see him soon and find out what's up. I suspect a phone theft, in which case he should have it (the number) back in a few days, but I'll find out.

I still highly recommend Juan's work and his work ethic!