Palermo Veterinarian Recommendation ?


I have been going to Centro Mascota (Borges 2324) since I got my pup (she is 15 months now), and they have been great. The thing is that many vets work there, so depending on the day and time you go, you can see 3 different vets in 3 different visits. The reason for this is that each one has a different specialty - surgeon, dermatologist, etc. In any case, it has never been a problem for me, and I saw that I got along particularly well with one of the vets, so now I try to go and see her anytime I need anything since I know when she is there.

If you go on a Wednesday morning between 10am and 1pm, Nuni is the name of the one I like. Tell her Molly (my dog) sent you. :)


Just wanted to add that Graciela does speak some english, though we are proficient in Spanish so we always spoke Spanish with her, so I am not sure if she is totally fluent in English or just somewhat. Anyway, I cannot recommend her highly enough!


I have a 12 year old beagle and I've tried many vets but when it comes to surgery or anything a bit serious I only trust Jorge Buteri. His place is on Uriarte 2169 (tel 4774 4464). He works there some days in the morning and some in the afternoon, so it's better to call and make sure. It's kind of expensive but he's the best. I totally recommend him (when it comes to my dog I'm very overprotective though)


Dr. Carlos Ribas Somar
Soler 4713
15-4079-1696 (cell)
4832-6198 (office)

Not only do I think he is great. . . so does Flaca!! Tell him Flaca's mom says hello!!



HouseCallVet said:
Hello, my name is Federico Curra Gagliano, I am a Vet and I do HouseCalls in Buenos Aires (either in English or Spanish).

My website is: (in English) or (in Spanish)

Phone number: 15-5887-9861

Feel free to call me if you have any further question.

Federico has been the vet for our cat since last year, and we definitily recommend him. His house call service is great and convinient. He's very professional and helped us get our cat vaccinated, chip tagged, and ready for travel.


Hi, although your request for a vet recommendation has many responses, being a pet lover and owner (or better said guardian) of dogs and cats, I offer 2 options that could eventually be helpful.
1) Dr. Alejandro Tirone (Veterinaria Las Marías, Honduras 3731, Phone: 4826-5180). He's treated both my dog and cat on many occasions and spayed my dog. He has a nice way to get around difficult animals such as one of my dogs that doesn't let him touch her and my cat that allowed him to take a loose tooth out.
2) Veterinaria San Marcos. Av. Diaz Velez 4730 (and Otamendi), Parque Centenario. Phone: 4981-4588/4981-1873/4982-0983. It's not in Palermo but it's a 15 min ride in a radio-taxi.
Dr. Castello is the owner and director. You can find him after 5 pm (surgeries in the morning). He is very experienced and probably the best surgeon in BA. He operated on two of my dogs (they passed away at age 19 and 14); in one case of a Sticker's tumour that is a very serious disease that not many vets dare to operate on because of the bleeding.
The veterinary is very well equipped and has vets for every specialty. The eye doctor and the neurologist were also very good assisting my dog when he was very old.
Both are professionaly and morally hightly recommendable. Good luck and hope your pet is well.

The second is not in Palermo but it's open 24 hs and hightly equipped so would recommend keeping the address handy (although hope you never need truly).