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I don't get a chance to say good things about food here in Buenos Aires very often. Though I'm sure a lot of people probably know about them, I'm going to start a whole thread about Pani, in particular their desserts. I've only had their desserts, but I've heard good things about their food (although my eldest sister-in-law says she likes my hamburgers better ;) ).

I've stopped in a few times to carry some desserts back from Recoleta Mall, usually on the way back from a movie, like we did tonight. For about $300 pesos we walked away with 4 pie pieces (big - enough for 7-8 people easily!).

I had the most incredible key lime pie I can remember having. It may have been simply because it's been so long and I've forgotten some missing nuance of the original, but I was in heaven with every bite. First time I'd seen the key lime pie there and I jumped at it. Only other one close to it I've ever had in Buenos Aires was at PF Chang in San Isidro, but it's not even comparable, really. And oh, the thick, wonderfully-prepared whipped cream on top...damn!

We also got two different kinds of cheesecakes. And the taste and consistency of the cheesecakes was perfect.

One flavor of dulce de leche and the taste of those candies that have a taste similar to Butterfingers candy bars - can't remember what it's called at the moment (starts with a "T" I think)... I know, I don't care for dulce de leche, but it wasn't overwhelming and with the candy flavor mixed in - this was spectacular.

Another one with regular cheesecake and a banana nut bread on the bottom - it was OK but I'm not a fan of bananas and that one did mess with me a bit.

Fourth piece was Oreo cookies with creamy light chocolate filling and a thick creamy topping - very tasty. Wonderful consistency.

There's a Pani in Recoleta Shopping Mall and somewhere in Palermo Hollywood:


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Thanks for the review, I walk by it all the time and wondered if it was any good, it's always busy at the mall but that doesn't mean it's really great!

Alicia karr

The food there is good too. The menu offers everything from salads, sandwiches and main courses with a bent towards international cuisine. It's one of my favorite eateries.