Parents With Baby Groups?


I'm not sure if this has to go in the 'Women's' forum. :)

I'm in buenos aires with my partner and our 9 months old son.
I was wondering if there is some kind of group or just anyone with a similar age kid who would like to meet, so my son doesn't have to be surrounded by old people all the time.


My child is much older than yours and I don´t know of groups , but i suggest you to write the location (let´s say BA, Cordoba, etc) so it ll be easier to find someone.

I´ve seen that the Escuelas Waldorf in Argentina facebook group eventuallly organize some meetings.

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There is a Facebook page called BA Parent Group or something like that. Otherwise, just find then nearest plaza where you live and you'll meet other parents with kids.
Hi EmCanada.... as you stay so close to me (I´m in Belgrano) I was thinking we could share a plaza together ;)

I am expecting to Barrancas de Belgrano re open by october. Let´s see what happens (obras are always a nightmare in this country). I´ll keep you informed.
Good morning,
We have recently moved to Palermo with my baby girl (6 months old) and my Austrian Husband. I was wondering if there is a baby group in the area or rhyme time sessions.