Paying with argentinian debit card outside of the country (Urgent advice needed!)


Jun 13, 2019
Hi guys,
I've just paid with Arg card(BNA) in Brazil and was charged 30 pesos=1 real. Meanwhile when I send it through WU get equivalent to 38 pesos=1 real.
Is there some trick? I miss something? Will they charge my card with some impuestos later so it will turn out worse then WU? or it's already with +30%+35% ( impuesto pais, ganancias)included?
Why ALL Argentinians tell me it is super pricey for them to pay outside of the country with a card?
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The official is like 18 ARS to the BRL, so I’d assume the difference is the tax and withholding already added. The rate for foreign purchases is based on the “dollar solidario” currently at 177 vs the official of 107. WU is based on CCL at around 204 - closer to solidario than official.

Note - if using a credit card it usually takes a few days for them to add the taxes and withholding which will be calculated based on the official rate at the moment of transaction. It will also appear in USD until the end of the month when the card is closed, at which point the USD balance will be converted to ARS at the official rate of the day. This means you may need more pesos to pay it than originally thought (not an issue if you have USD but if you earn in pesos....)

At this moment with the brecha, if the pesos you pay with an Argentine card come from dollars/ euros etc, you are indeed getting a small discount when using it abroad, even after tax and withholding (the 35% you can claim back if you are a tax payer here) It’s no trick, it’s the subsided dollars that cost the country billions of dollars to maintain an illusion of having a peso valued at more than its worth.

As for why Argentines think it’s expensive, most are earning only in ARS so they don’t get the same benefit as those who access their pesos via WU/ Blue rates. They face the opposite problem, while
currently cheaper than the blue, it still it takes more work/ currency units to buy those reals that is proportionate to their income which is ultimately based on the official.