Paying with Pay Pal.


Dec 28, 2006
I understand that the ATMs in Argentina will allow only 300 pesos to be withdrawn. Just to pay the rent and have spending money in your pocket you would have to make a withdrawal just about every other day. I sent my deposit for my apartment by Pay pal. Can Pay pal be a solution to paying rent? Has any one used Pay Pal as a convience? Is it prevlant in Argentina. I think this would be a better option then to take a great deal of cash into the country.
Don Q
You can withdraw a total of 1500 pesos from the ATM per day, 300 at a time.
Out of curiousity, how much is charged in ATM fees to withdraw 300 Pesos 5 times?
My bank, U.S. based does not charge me ATM fees. But i heard it can be up to five dollars.
For the past several months I've only been able to withdraw a max of $300 per transaction from my US account. To my surprise, two weeks ago I was suddenly able to take out $700 (at a Banco Patagonia ATM).
My bank Wells Fargo charges $5.00 US for a forign transaction. I'll be damned if I'll pay that extortion. I don't want to be holding a large amount of cash. Is there any way I can deposit cash safely? How about Travelers checks? I've had problems with these in the past. I'll be in BA for about 4 months and 2 to 4 months traveling around South America. There has got to be a better wayyyyyyy. Any pay Pal users?
"vr236" said:
You can withdraw a total of 1500 pesos from the ATM per day, 300 at a time.
I dont know what banks your using but I can only withdraw 960 pesos per day from any bank, including Bank Nacion.jedard