pensionvisa to tourist visa?


Last year I got a pensionvisa, but for some reason, (that I should have checked before I got the visa), I realize I cannot renew it. It expires second of May. I peviously bought a ticket out of Argentina in late June. People say I can go to Uruguay 1 May, come back as a tourist and leave in June. Some say I should chek with immigration first.

I am afraid to go to the immigration, because last year my Scandinavien country suddenly decided, that their pensioners could not take their pension outside Europe. But I had already delivered all my papers to the immigration, so I had to go back and tell them. They didn`t believed me. Instead they extended my precaria 2 times. I contacted my local pensioner union in my country, that luckily persuaded the government to change it back. So I got the visa in the end, even if the immigration was annoyed with me.

I go to school (no official)here and would like to be here as much as I can. So I like to hear if someone has experience with going out as a pensioner, coming back as tourist in a short time - and if I have to go to the immigration, how should I deal with them? Thanks!


if your pension is guaranteed for lifetime you can renew the pensionado visa, you don't need to transfer the pension into the argentine bank, all you need is a renewed letter confirming your pension is for life and antecedentes penales. You can ask for the letter to be arranged through your embassy and for antecedentes repeat the same process as you went through originally.