Pepperoni Pizza


Ok this is driving me crazy, all the pizzerias here sell only cheese pizzas wth!!!! Where can I find a pepperoni pizza? Pepperoni tho not calabresa. I'm having horrible withdrawals

Rich One

Pizza Piola , though it's like salami , one slice of pepperoni per pizza slice

Same with Romario...


I read on FB group that Central Pizza (now called American outlaw) has it.
Gurruchaga 1776

Also New York Style Pizza
Gorriti 5881

Reviews by expats are 50/50 about both places. I have tried the latter but it was my first pepperoni pizza ever so I cannot tell. My US company said it was not authentic.

Shall we organize an Expat pizza hopper to pronounce the winner? Where is Rich One?! :confused:

Rich One

La guitarrita: pizza "cantipalo" is pretty close. Very good pizza in general
I was afraid no one would know Cantimpalo, has an added M ? In English a variety of Pork Sausage fro Spain .

[background=rgb(204, 223, 244)]Pursuant to the first subparagraph of Article 6(2) of Regulation (EC) No 510/2006, Spain’s application to register the name ‘Chorizo de Cantimpalos’ was published in the Official Journal of the European Union [2]. [/background]


I found salchicha colorado from Tandil to be a pretty good, mild substitute. I don't know any pizzerias that have it, but for making pizza at home it's worked out fairly well for me. Cantimpalo seemed to be too dense.


Its funny the pepperoni thing. They have pepperoni in Chile!!! Had a double pepperoni pizza there last year...I was in heaven. Don't know why they don't have pepperoni here...Argentina..."Italians who speak Spanish and think they are English"....

Did find some "Spanish style" pepperoni in the central market here in Mendoza...but it really wasn't "pepperoni".

That's what they should be importing....