Permanent Residency done Abroad - How to get DNI in Argentina?


Last year I travelled to Argentina as an immediate family member during COVID, the consulate here mentioned maybe to avoid issues in the future to finally just start my permanent residency from here. So I am gathering the documents and starting the process. My one question is how does the DNI application work once you get to Argentina with my passport stamped with a Permanent Residency Visa? When I come next I am only there for about 4-5 weeks. I know when my husband or daughter renew their DNI it's easy and simple. But I have a feeling this won't be the same process. Has anyone done this recently? What was their experience? I will be doing it in CABA. Thank you

Ronnie Hotdogs

The only way I managed to get a Cita was through a lawyer who had all the contacts. Trying to do it myself was impossible because no one knew what to do.
This included me and physically going down to Avenida antártica and asking them what I needed to do. They said you need to ask for a cita por DNI por acto consular through the canal único de contacto. When I asked through there they pointed me to RADEX which has nothing to do with it.
In the end I gave up and paid a lawyer.
My DNI didn’t actually show yet.
Your visa is probably valid for 12 months and good for multi entry if it’s the same as mine so you have some time to sort it out.


Would you mind sharing the cost and lawyers name. We have owned a place in BA for many years and biw realize we need to change our status - many thanks in advance