Personal electronics through Ezeiza


Mar 4, 2020
Hello. This is my first post. I found your forum through a very similar question from 2012. I know a lot has changed since then, so I hope you can help me out.

I've been traveling with my Service Dog since December 2016. Hot weather takes a toll on both of us, so I'm planning on staying in Buenos Aires for the summer season (their/your winter). Six months, but if we like it, we might do the same next year.

I currently have a MacBook Air (2019), iPhone 11 Pro, the new iPad (not the Pro, though), an iPad Air 2, and an Apple Watch Series 5.

Based on new regulations, I know the iPhone and the MacBook Air can go through under their duty-free exemption. But the rest would go over the air exemption of $500.

This whole thing is weird to me, yet I have a feeling there aren't as many complaints about it as I would've expected. So how does it actually work?

I won't carry the original packaging, I don't plan to sell them, and they're all items I use. I updated the iPad, though. That's why I have two.

Should I fill up their app and declare everything? I'll feel robbed if I have to pay duties on that stuff.
What's your experience when bringing in a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch?

Thanks in advance,
I've done it many times and never been stopped for anything. I typically bring a Macbook, 2 iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watch. I've even brought 2 Macbooks once. Just make sure they're already set up and appear to have been used. I've heard that if they do check closer, the customs guys know what a "new" phone looks like (on the screen, not just the physical device). I never even fill out the customs form, and they have never asked.

Only time I ever got stopped, oddly, was when I brought in about 10 packs of powder Soylent (a protein powder meal thing) on the boat from Uruguay. I had to pay US $50 tax on that! If I had better Spanish at the time, I would have argued. Pro-tip: Arguing is a great way to improve your Spanish.
Hi Drazen,

You have nothing to worry about as long as things are as you indicate. But if you really want to be bullet proof, it couldn't hurt to just take one of the iPads. It could look like you are transporting to sell in Argentina to someone in aduanas. It all depends on them and their point of view.

FYI >>> I travel in and out of Argentina with all my Apple products (I have one of just about everything!) without ever attracting attention or encountering problems. I sometimes travel with two identical handsets (TELEPHONES) and I have never had an issue.

Franchise is just for us (suckers) nationals. If you are a foreigner you can bring in a live elephant with a loaf of bread top and bottom, or at each end and call it a meat sandwich. Customs won't blink.

I say you bring your goods, find a buyer while staying, sell at a decent price before you leave and repeat at your next trip.

My experience is, there is no trouble as long as you don't have more than one of anything.

I've brought two laptops a few times, but they were both used and different models - 11 and 13 inch Macs. No questions.
I travel back and forth every year- on a US passport. This year, I was carrying, in my messenger bag, 2 laptops- 1 windows, 1 mac, along with an ipod, an ipad, an e reader, 2 iphones (1 north america, 1 movistar) and 2 backup harddrives, along with a small DJ mixer and a bluetooth speaker and a digital camera. NOBODY, in either the USA or EZE, coming or going, even opened the bag. This is considered a totally normal amount of electronics these days.
Dont worry, unless you are travelling on an Argentine passport, and, even then, if you get the green light, they dont even run your bag thru the scanner.
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I came back last year with two laptops (new one bought in the UK and my old one I took), two cellphones (same deal), two smartwatches (gifts), three bags of coke, and ipad, and MP3 players, two Bolivians wanting to get into Argentina, and a few headphones/earphones. No questions at all about the "used" electronics as there never are.

A few raised eyebrows about the coke and Bolivians I admit, but I gestured personal use and was waved right on through.

Wow! Thank you for all your responses. I really appreciate it.

All the devices are devices I use, aside from the older iPad. I don't use both; I just got the new one last month.
But I recently realized I got that new iPad after trading in my previous iPhone, and I only had to pay a small difference. I'm assuming that as long as I bring the receipt with me, I could show them I only paid less than $70.

Still, I don't need both iPads, so I'll just try to sell the older one before our travel date. I've read electronics are more expensive there, and I could sell it over there, but I don't think it's worth the risk. What worried me were all the other devices I need.

Ok, I feel much calmer now! Thanks, everyone!