personal trainer required


Guys, can anyone recommend a personal trainer in the Palermo area?
I have been here for 1 month now and my growing obsession with alfajoras, melialunas etc etc etc is playing havoc with my body!

I would prefer one who can speak English as my Spanish is not up to scratch quite yet! and of course if he looks like George Clooney, it's a huge bonus, right?!


Kirst - I used to work out with Aty Sabin. You can contact him on his cell 15.5220.9459 or his email is You can also find him on Facebook - Aty Sabin. He does speak English although he is shy about it!

He's very handsome as well :)



My name is Branwell and I am Irish so speak English. I am a Personal trainer, sports rehabilitator and masseur. I live in Belgrano. If you dont have a personal trainer yet contact me on my landline 4782 8286 or send me a contact number for you? Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best