Peso what level do you see it this year ?


Question, does the recipient need to make an account? I made an account online through a VPN and sent a transfer in pesos to my wife's account here. It was supposed to deposit today but its still in process. I saw a note that said in Argentina the recipient might need to register an account for a first time pickup. It seems to be talking about someone picking up cash in person, but its showing on my transfer status page so I wasn't sure.

It seems like transferring to a bank account here takes about 5-7 days to process even if the transfer clears in my US account right away.

Any advice would be appreciated

I received pesos here without an account. I suggest going to the WU website:,
help, customer care, contact WU customer care, chat with us, chat now and ask them.


Also, as of today I don’t know if anyone has noticed but in the lower transfer amount the fee has increased from $7 to $9 and the cash to cash rate has now dropped to 75.01 pesos per dollar.
you took long to jump in the band wagon.
I seem to recall someone posting late last April of this year (actually on the 25th in this thread), when it went to 45, that it would "soon be 42" again.

In reply, Rich One posted this:

Take 60 as the floor for year end Optimistic. The sky is the limit if CFK keeps being a winner candidate
To which sts7049 replied:

the top of currency band is frozen at 51.45 through end of the year. assuming they don't change it of course.
Both XOOM and Transferwise slipped below 60 today, but there are still more 50 days left in the year.

The band wagon may stop for a few days or even a few weeks at a time, but it eventually keep on rollin' down the hill...

...and if the brakes ever fail....

PS: My Argentine friends expect it to be between $70 and $75 by the end of the year in early 2020.


steve, one question.

can sender be myself? that is send money to myself from USA and retrieve it here myself.
I haven't actually tried to send money to myself from an account in the USA by WU because the rate is so much lower.(in the mid-sixties) than having someone pay in cash at a WU agency.

In order to get the higher rate (in the mid-seventies) the transaction has to be paid for in person in cash at a WU agency in the USA and the sender must show their ID when making the transaction.


I send to my wife here as she time to pick up I am to busy with work. it was $7 to send this morning around 65 pesos per 1USD.


I received pesos here without an account. I suggest going to the WU website:,
help, customer care, contact WU customer care, chat with us, chat now and ask them.
So yesterday morning they sent my wife a message to file some paperwork:

Recientemente (DOMINICK ) le ha enviado dinero directo a su cuenta bancaria que en breve estará siendo acreditado. Por disposición de la normativa argentina, deberá cumplir con los siguientes pasos de registro para asegurar el depósito en futuras transacciones.
  • Siga este enlace para acceder a la página de registro -
  • Complete y envíe los campos obligatorios.
  • Eso es todo. Su cuenta quedará registrada en dos días hábiles, con lo que podrá recibir las transacciones futuras lo más rápido posible.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el equipo de servicio al cliente de Western Union al 0800-800-3030.

Que tenga un excelente día y gracias por usar el servicio Directo a Cuenta de Western Union.

Western Union Financial Services Argentina S.R.L
Teléfono: 0800-800-3030
Correo electrónico:
She filled it out right away but still no cash. Hopefully its a one time thing and the transfer will come through Monday/Tuesday next week.