pet sitter available!


Sep 22, 2009
Hey all!
I'm new to BAExpats, but for those of you who have pet, I want to offer my services as a pet-sitter!

Do you travel a lot? Do you divide your time between Buenos Aires and another home?
Do you feel guilty about leaving your dog at home, or struggle to find appropriate care while you’re gone?
Well worry no more.

I am a qualified pet sitter, and I am offering my services to the traveling public of Buenos Aires.
I have owned and loved animals since I can remember, and worked for 2 years in a veterinarian’s office, taking care of the animals. I have plenty of previous experience sitting for neighbors and friends.

I can sit for all breeds of dog, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and all ages, from puppies to old-timers. I can also take care of cats and other pets while you are gone.

I am willing to stay overnight with your dog, in your own home, ensuring your dog’s comfort and peace of mind while you are gone and avoiding the hassle of kennels. I can also walk your dog according to his (or her) normal schedule, and of course will feed and medicate your beloved pet as directed. Playtime and petting are free of charge :)

As a base rate, I charge 30 pesos per night/day that I sit for your pet, which includes walking for an hour (extra walks are 5 pesos each). I can sit for anywhere from one night to a week, depending on your schedule.
Please PM me if you have need of my services and I look forward to hearing from all you travelling dog-lovers out there!


(hablo castellano)
Amy, this sounds like a very useful service for us - we have two pups and do like to get out of town occasionally. I may be in touch with you next time I'm planning a trip :)
I agree with Eliza! Definitely a service I need or else I'll never get out of town!! Amy, get in touch so we can meet up. My dogs are a bit of a challenge so if you can do some dog walking before we need to get out of town, that would be useful.
Thanks Eliza, I look forward to hearing from you, and feel free tell your friends :)
Hi Amy,

There is a possibility that my husband and I may need someone to take care of our cat for three weeks, July to August. Where can we contact you should we need your help? I am new to this site so I hope I am doing this correctly!