Photographer for events/family/portraits/food


Nov 8, 2022
Hola! Que tal?
My name is Mark Boyarskiy, I have recently moved here with my family.
Was trying to solve this stupid problem with sudden need of DNI on MercadoLibre and came across this amazing forum, so decided to advertise myself.

I am a freelance photographer with more than 15 years experience, mostly I worked with media and various brands’ SMM.
My experience includes nearly every genre possible.
I love kids, families, events, food — lifestyle, documentary.
My English is fluent, I have a basic level in Spanish and used to speak French (but forgot it).

Here is my portfolio.

I charge only 50 USD per hour (minimal time is 2 hours).
And of course I am open for any projects/creative ideas.

For contact use my e-mail, please

Thank you for your time.
Best regards!
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just to give you a reference least the monetary...those are actual current rates, the 'negro rates' are even lower.
once you familiarize yourself with the cultural one you'll have an even better idea...
Yeah, of course.
I just feel that I cost more. And that expats, who earn in dollars, working for the US, can afford it, if they want to.

In Moscow I took $150/hour. Here I understand, how absurd it’d sound. Sadly, my job isn’t possible to be remote.

I am sorry, but for me your comment sounds strange. If you come to a restaurant and see prices, you do not tell the managers, that you saw in some other places cheaper food, right? Or you do it?