Photographer looking for Contrafrente Vistas



I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires for 2 years now.

I'm currently doing a project where I'm photographing the interiors of city blocks, known as pulmones de manzana. I'm basically looking for people who live in contrafrente apartments who would let me come over and photograph from their balcony or window.

Ideally I'm looking for apartments in dense neighborhoods like Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Palermo, Congreso, or Microcentro. I'm also looking for "middle-height" apartments, on, say on floors 4 to 9. This probably sounds weird and very specific, so here are some examples of views I've already shot:

If you've got a view that looks like this, please let me know. Feel free to drop me a line and we'll coordinate from there.

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Not sure what you are looking for, but you are welcome to photograph our Pulmones de Manzana (great term, by the way, thanks). We live in on Mansilla near Larrea in Barrio Norte. Our apartment is long and thin with a lot of windows. You can get full views of the alley from three different perspectives. I've been trying to capture the spirit of the view since we moved in, with mixed results. There's something "more" there that I just can't get into the camera. At sunset the light can be quite beautiful. Attached are some images that show the diversity of structures (the night shot, though, is from our last apartment). The only catch is that we are moving yet again this week. So if you can make it in the next day or two, let me know. Frank

PS - I have seen your website. Your photography is wonderful.

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FAS - Hi,

Thanks for posting the pictures. I would absolutely be interested in photographing from your balcony.

Could you please email me at so we can coordinate on a day?