Photographing the Real Buenos Aires


I am an avid photographer..spending most of the last two weeks documenting the city. I would like to document the "other" Buenos Aires...the 30% unemployed side of life. Any suggestions. I have been told going into the known shanties is not a good idea as locals can not even enter without mafia boss approval.

Willing to take some reasonable risk to see the "other side"


I am a journalist and have filed extensively from the Villas. It is easy to go, just make sure you have an escort of some kind. There are lots of possibilities. You can contact the "neighbours societies" or the various organizations that represent cartoneros. I've never had a problem. There parts of the villas, of course, where you do not go, but a guide will warn you.


Consider protective coloring: my cousin spent three months surveying every building in Villa 31, safely disguised as a utility repairman.