Photography club


SamTCam: "Count me in! I just got here this week but I look forward to meeting you all! What stop on la lina D is that?"
1) Buy a "Guia T" from a newsstand. And always keep it with you.
2) Get off at the "Callao" stop.
-Then walk 3 blocks to Santa Fe. (You'll be walking WITH Callao's traffic.)
-Turn RIGHT on Santa Fe. (You'll be walking WITH Santa Fe's traffic.)
-Walk one block to Rodriquez Peña and turn LEFT. (You'll be walking AGAINST R.P.'s taffic.)
-"Casa Bar" will be on your LEFT less than halfway down the block (Rodriguez Pena 1150)
SIDE NOTE: You will have to cross Santa Fe sometime. The safest place to cross is a crosswalk about 10 yards downstream of Callao on Santa Fe.

MIKE 1: Thanks


Hi guys, really looking forward to meeting you. Please bring your ideas of how you think we can work this, ideas for themes etc. I'd love to try to organise an outing for this Saturday. I changed the meeting day at Casa Bar from Thursday to Wednesday at 8pm - hope you're cool with that & see you then. Chau Kirsty


What a great idea! I do not arrive until the first of October from Chicago. But I would love to join this group as I am a photographer as well! Keep all the ideas posted so I can keep up. Have fun!


Hi .. just making sure you got that change of day- we're meeting TONIGHT that's WEDNESDAY! from 8pm onwards for a few drinks at CASA BAR 1150 Rodriguez Pena. (entre arenales y santa fe) See you tonight!


i have just arrived in BA and would love to meet with some other artists and photography lovers, i studdied fine art and have just finished tranning as an art teacher in the uk, love the idea of putting on an exibition here! my self and my friend will jion you guys on thursday,


Hey Lucy, great to hear you're interested as well. I'm at Casa Bar tonight as well as tomorrow (thursday) evening from 8pm so I will see you guys tomorrow. Cheers Kirsty


A few things:
FIRST: There are two Photography Competitions that have been brought to my attention:

I think it helps if you read spanish.

SECOND: A good photo opportunity this weekend is the NIKE 10K.

It starts at 9:00am on Sunday morning in front of the Facultad de Derecho (on Figueroa Alcorta across a grassy area from Av. Libertador at Plaza Francia).

All of the runners are required to wear the red shirt that was issued to them with their number on it, so there will be 15,000 people wearing similar outfits starting in front of a classic Greco/Roman building with monsterous pillars.

The finish line is in the same location. The winners should complete the race in about 30 minutes, but average people will finish in 45 minutes to an hour.

I think that the photo op is going to be the best one of the weekend.

suerte con sus cameras