Photography Lessons?


Feb 27, 2012
Does anyone teach or know an English speaking teacher to teach my friend and I photography. We both have Canon SLR cameras and need help to learn how to use them properly! We live in Recoleta, but I am open to travel within BA proper.
Absolutely, and this one is a good one that I recommend with pleasure! He is Luciano Zaldarriaga 5331-8593 [email protected] He is a real professional, he teaches at the university but I consider him reasonably priced. I think for two of you he probably will give private lessons. He may also do group lessons for this expat group but I'm not sure about that. We call him Lucho.
Thanks so much! I just emailed Lucho. I really appreciate it arlean.
For a 14 weeks course. 90$ the class. For a 7 weeks course $100 each and for a 4 weeks $150. All in pesos. Once a week sessions.

If you bring a second person, you each pay 75% of the above.

I am going to do it with my friend.