Photography Question

Sam Bartolo

Jul 19, 2022
Hello when I relocate to Argentina, I need / want to bringing my Photo gear, heres list.

How difficult will it be to bring into BA EZE airport. I will be coming on Tourist Visa, US Citizen, will marry Argentine on arrival.

One Pelican case with 2 bodies with 5 lens's

Several external Hard Drives
**** I have CDs could be 50 or so (like to not have to transfer to external drive.

2 monitors (can fit in Hard luggage) with clothes.

One beat to hell Gitzo Tripod

If someone has done this and you can share be great!

Thank you

You should be fine. Especially if they are not new in the box, I doubt you'll receive a second look. A couple of times I've been waived through customs without anyone even checking my bag. Personally, I would put all of it together in one checked bag, and if they ask just say you're a photographer coming on a nature trip to Patagonia. This is a pretty common occurrence. Good luck with the marriage!
in regards to your external drives and CDs, I recommend you also backup to reliable online provider. To eliminate risk of losing your devices. Not the many consumer services you might read about with “unlimited” backup, but a service that lets you backup everything with upfront pricing per MB or GB. There are many. I use and recommend Backblaze B2 service for $5 per TB per month, who also has consumer level service which I do not recommend.

Then a backup program running all the time to backup everyday/hour. I use Arq on Mac and Windows. Unfortunately not on Linux. Many other programs and techniques are written about describing best practices for data backup and recovery. Once you backup all your external devices, you leave it running to save daily data changes. The chances are high that hardware can be broken or stolen, and these solutions can ease concerns.