Pilates Reformer class


Nov 23, 2008
Anyone looking for a fantastic Pilates Reformer class?

I found the most amazing Pilates reformer class and would like to recommend it to the BA expats community. In addition to holding his certification to teach Pilates, the instructor at Ghesai Pilates, Sergio Diaz, is a certified physical education teacher and a physical therapist. He did not just get a fast Pilates certification and it shows. There are only 3 reformers in the room and you get incredible attention and feedback. I have taken Pilates reformer classes before and have never received this quality of instruction. Last but not least, it is cheap:
1 time a week (4 sessions): 120 pesos
2 times a week (8 sessions): 180 pesos
3 times a week (12 sessions): 220 pesos
4 times a week (16 sessions): 250 pesos

And you can get one free trial class.

There are 2 locations:
  • Ghesai Pilates Retiro/Centro
Suipacha 1087 pb / Tel. 43 13 48 34 o 15 33 36 70 13

(Between Santa Fe and Alvear)

  • Ghesai Pilates Recoleta/ Barrio Norte
Laprida 1548 / Tel. 15 33 36 70 13

(Between Arenales and Berutti)
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