Piso compartido international party!


Oct 16, 2008
Hello Everybody!

This Saturday 18th April there will be another edition of the most international party in Buenos Aires which brings together 1000 people from hostels, universities and spanish institutes.

The date is on Saturday 18th April at Sarmiento 1272 at midnight.

You will find the party pictures at http://www.pisocompartido.com.ar/fiesta.htm

See you!

*The people from Piso Compartido*
I want to come but I have no friends,bummer! is it possible to get one through here before 18th april approaches?? Cheers :D
Hey Sonygael the party looks like fun and like you I don't know to many people here in BA. If you want to go I'll join you. Maybe we can even meet for a drink sometime before then. Let me know!
yes, I would like that very much indeed :D One friend of mine went and he said he had a blast of a time, unfortunately I was unable to attend.
I live in Palermo Chico, if you want we can meet for a drink anytime.
Friday night is ok?
Good let's plan on the 18th. I can't meet you for that drink this Friday, I'm going to explore Tigre for the weekend. How about one day next week? I'm in Balvanera just a few stops down the D line from you. I'll send you a private message with my info. That might make it easier for us to arrange a time and a place.
Hello there, i would like to go the party, but i am not sure how it works, i mean i go there and only showed up, or i have to confirm first, in that case, whom do i have to confirm to?
Sounds fun. I'm going and will bring a girlfriend. If anyone wants to hook up with us (just to kind of "know" someone), drop me a line and we will figure out how to get together before or at the party.
Sonygael and Bsasdanielle,
My cell number is: (15) 6390-5109 and my name is Joyce. Give me a call and we can figure out where to meet. My girlfriend and I were thinking of having dinner in Las Canitas or Palermo Hollywood before and then taking a cab over to the party. Does that work?