Piso compartido international party!


Hello Everybody!

This saturday will take place another edition of the most international party in Buenos Aires wich get toguether people from hostels, universities, spanish institutes and of course, our Piso Compartido.

The date is this saturday 11 th starting at 0:30 am at Guardia Vieja 3360

You will be find the party pictures at http://www.pisocompartido.com.ar/fiesta.htm

See you!

The people from Piso Compartido


BAJoe said:
Has anybody ever gone to one of these? Is it only expats or do locals go too?
I went there once like 6 months ago, at least half the people were locals, not a lot of expats tho, most of them are tourists and students. I didn't like the music really but maybe that's just me, it was just ok at first but then it was all reggaeton, cumbia and stuff.


Anybody want to meet-up before going to this party? Lets say 11pm? We can have a drink somewhere, gather and then go "en mass"!
Cheers, Joe