Pizza Flour & Cheese Advice Needed

I have been experimenting with making home-made pizza and wondering if anyone can recommend a good flour and cheese.

So far, I have been using 000 flour with standard mozarella cheese. I have heard it is better to use 00 flour (a strong flour) but cant seem to find it anywhere.

Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated.

By the way, home-made pizza is very easy, cheap and you get to eat it straight out of the oven. I am no expert but one of the key things is to crank your oven to full blast and give it time (30 min+) to heat up and fill any cold spots. If you have a pizza stone or tray, be sure to leave it in the oven whilst it is heating up and when you transfer your pizza, try to do it quickly so that you lose minimal heat from the oven and tray.


Hi, there is no 00 flour here. The classification system is different - here they have 000 and 0000.

Are you trying to make pizza al molde (which you put in circular tray or squared tray, then leave to rise, then garnish and bake) or pizza a la piedra (the thin one, which you cook on the pizza stone, prepare a day in advance, stretch out before garnishing and then cooking?

I can't help with the flour - the ones in the supermarkets they all look the same to me and don't satisfy me!


I should have mentioned I am making a la piedra, naples style
Then I can't help. I still haven't found a way to make it "elastic" enough to stretch it to the correct thinness without it breaking. I had made some experiments by adding gluten (sold in "dieteticas") also to make other high rising baked products, but then I became frustrated. Leaving it to rise refrigerated for 24 or more hours didn't seem to help. :(