Place for high end computer stuff?


ANybody know of any compaies down here that would specialise in putting together high end desktops? If not, where would be the best place to buy the parts my self and put them together?

Fwiw, I'm aware this willbe more expensive than buying stuff at home and bringing it with me




Try calling Gabriel...he should be able to help you locate what you are looking for...great guy and honest! He speaks English...I have used him for repairs and always happy with his service.

He has a company, so should know where you can locate what you need or perhaps if it's easier for you and you want to pay the extra he could locate what you want and then deliver it to you.

Gabak Technologies
0810-8888-333 or 155-478-2225 **just be sure to ask for Gabriel
*this is the tranlated link to his website