Place to donate clothes in Palermo


Im cleaning out our closets and would like to donate our clothes somewhere. Anywhere know a place in Palermo (we dont have a car so i would prefer to be able to walk over there). We are near the childrens hospital. Do they accept donations?


I agree that the churches usually give out donated clothes to those who need them them most. The red cross here also collects used clothes (and other items) and will hand them out every 2/3 months to local people in need. Check their website as they have several branches in the city. I take things to the one in Chacarita...which is Cordoba and Lacroze (almost).


mendozanow said:

I know it sounds cynical, but if you really want the clothes to go to people that need them, just leave them in a box in front of your place.
I agree. Some people don't do this because cartoneros may sell it (this is my brilliant mother in law's argument), but hey, if you are looking into other people's garbage, it seems to me you need a hand too...

I used to separate clothing to donate - I just leave it in a separate bag with my trash now - sometimes it doesn't even make it to the street - the doorman takes it.


If you put them on the curb they will be gone before morning. Donation achieved.

My girlfriend says the people that ring your intercom every weekend asking for clothes sell them at markets outside of capital like La Salada.