Place to watch march madness?

I don't know about San Telmo, but you can try Sugar (costa rica/armenia) or Drink Gallery (arce/chenault)...I would try to call first.
All the usual expat bars will probably be showing at least a few games- sugar, alamo, casabar, maybe gibraltar (they played some US olympic bball). though it's not nearly as entertaining, you can also watch all the games online from, it works pretty well and doesn't freeze very often. setting up your computer to show the game and inviting a lot of people over to watch and party could even be more fun than going to a crowded bar ...though it all really depends on how well your team is doing.

NCAA March Madness LIVE Regional Finals - Michigan State vs. Louisville starting 3pm today @ Sugar (Costa Rica 4619) (or something like that) always has these events.