Places to purchase


Nov 29, 2009
Im looking for a good place in capital to purchase art or photography. Do not send me to La Boca...any suggustions otherwise would be highly appreciated...Thanks
I suggest you do it yourself, it will then have much more value in your eyes and the eyes of your family. Photography is an accessible, democratic art, especially since the emergence of digital cameras and processing softwares :)
Umm....Im really not interested in producing the art my self...That is why i am looking for a gallary in general.

I personally might be interetsed in the abstracts but these are gifts.
It depends of what type of art your looking for actually, I work in an art galllery in san telmo call appetite, it have really good contemporary art, and is a place worth seeying if u havnt.
Some great prints from buenos aires street artists here (online shop only):

Casa L'inc focus on argentine illustrators and cartoonists and have great exhibitions

Couple more street art galleries: (love love love this place)

Can't help you with fine art or photography - there's some good places around san telmo though. If you took a walk down defensa you'll pass lots of contemporary galleries.