"plan Patagonia" Announced - Opinions?



"Mauricio Macri y seis gobernadores presentarán un plan para el desarrollo de la Patagonia"

What do you all think? I think Patagonia has a lot of potential.


For us in VLA it seems to mean paved roads in the city centre and a rather controversial bypass road 500 meters from my house. Now we have something that they euphemistically call ripio.

There may be some micro loans available as well.

My part of Patagonia has got lots of potential for adventure tourism, but it is expensive.
i lived there back in 85 (1985 or 1885 can't remember) i guess i was way early........ i hope they solved the housing problems they had back then.If you don't live in the bigger towns, you need to be a bit of a pioneer to stay.... i liked it! ;)