Please advise on phone companies!


Feb 23, 2009
Hello everyone does anyone know what is better for home landline? Telmex or Telecentro? is it hard to ask for these services? does anyone know how the process works when calling them and asking for a home phone line? Thank You! is it expensive?
Hi there Mish!

I got a VOIP line at and pay 35 dollars every 6 months for a Buenos Aires land line incoming number, plus only 1 cent per minute to almost every destination in the world.

If you buy a PAP2 addapter at , you can connect a regular wireless phone. The service is good and cheap. The catch: you need an internet connection.

I don't know telecentro, but they give you cable, high speed internet and a phone line for something in the range of 130 pesos per month, which is a great deal!

Take care.
I would not go Telmex...we have them and it's a hassle!! The don't show you any calls you made or the numbers you called just an amount! We have tried and tried to contact them impossible! We now use the local calling cards...10 pesos for over about 80 minutes worth of calls...and no charges on Telmex! You can get them at any Kiosko...they also come in 20 peso too.

I have heard good things about Skype but haven't taken the leap...