Pobre bicho - what to do?


Jan 11, 2008
I went to a friend's house the other day and his neighbors have a Beagle that they treat very bad. He lives in the garden and is chained up all day. He barks a lot and when it's too much for the owner she just ties a rope around his mouth and leaves him like that. They never take him for a walk or even unchain him. My friend already spoke to the owners but they are not willing to give him up "because they paid for him". My friend is not willing to make a denuncia for the sake of good neighborly relations and I am going to leave the country for a while so I cannot do it either. Still, I cannot stop thinking about the poor guy so I was wondering what else I can do. Ideas anyone?
I think all you can do is make a report or complaint...is there someone willing to do this for you since you are going to be out of the country? I just can't understand why people have animals when they treat them like this...makes me sick!!!

Animals don't seem to have the same rights as they do in the states...I have seen such basic lack of love for animals...tied up or ignored ....I think a lot of people buy animals for sercurity purposes and that's it...not for a companion....our neighbor has a beautiful black lab..they never pet it...and throw it treats so they can move past it into the house...the only joy it has is when the dog walker comes for him...so sad!
BB: there is a court hearing that I would have to attend. I will most probably not be in the country for that, so it's useless.
I feel exactly the same way. My neighbors treat their dog pretty much the same way but they do not even invest in a dog walker. It was a Christmas present for the kids, of course by now they have lost all interest in it. When nobody's home I "borrow" the dog so he can play with mine. It is so sad but at least he is not badly maltreated like the Beagle.

Are there Animal Rescue Orgs (preferably in Zona Norte) that you know of? I would even be willing to buy the dog from the owners but I just cannot take it in with me.
I absolutely love animals and treat them like companions . I will not desex an animal as I believe that they have sexual rights:)

I find it outrageous that people believe that Porteños treat animals well just because they have a dogwalker . I find many here have animals only for their image and do not give a damn about them or their feelings.
Horrible situation. You could offer to buy him. Or adopt him. If its obvious they don't want the dog the might be willing to give him up. Do you know anyone who wants a dog, or could take a dog? There are loads of listing on mercardolibre for beagles, they're a popular breed. Am sure you could find a good home for him if you're really committed to doing something.
Yes, as I said, I would be willing to buy him but I absolutely cannot take him in and I would not dream of selling him on to the next best person. It is a shame that a lot of people buy a dog mainly because they like the way it looks and have no clue about the needs of the particular breed. Beagles are very intelligent dogs that require a lot of training and attention and the case of Harry (the poor guy this thread is about) demands even more commitment due to inexistent socialisation and the maltreatment he is suffering. I do not know anyone who could take him, the only thing that occurs to me is a private animal shelter. I will be contacting Protectora Sarmiento today but if you know about others, please let me know.

Do you know if they are willing to get rid of the dog, if they sell and if so how much are they asking for and how old is the dog.

My husband had the idea of having a dog at home we have triplets one of them goes crazy with dogs so we still have the idea of having one and a beagle would be an excellent dog.
Rihornos, the dog is 4 years old, I am sure he would make an excellent pet but, as I said, he will probably require a lot of patience, training, and attention. If you are not put off by that, I will find out about the rest and let you know.