Polo at the Hippodrome Sat, 18 Apr (tmw)


Mar 16, 2009
We are keen to watch the polo tomorrow at the Hippodrome in Palermo.
Does anyone know the following:

How to get tickets?
How much do they cost?
What time the match starts/ends?

Muchas Gratias
There is definitely some Polo in PILAR tomorrow, but I can't find details.

I know that Milhouse Hostel is offering a trip package and it is AR$150.

I'm thinking that a roundtrip train ticket (a.k.a. "return") and a ticket into the grounds can't be more than AR$40 combined for those of us who actually live here and know how the Argentine world works, but I can't find a definite price for the entrance.

I didn't know that Palermo had a match (or matches) as well.

Hi Natty,
Two Games, first at 2.30pm and second at 4pm.
We have been given some tickets by a friend, which we are picking up at the gates so I would presume you could just buy them at the gate. Not sure of the price however.
Hi there,
where are these games played? Sorry, I did not catch it here. If there is game near by I would like to go too.