POLO -- come learn & play polo with pros for reasonable prices


Jun 9, 2008
Hello hello! I am here to recommend to you all a great place to learn and play polo.

Whether you already know how to ride horses or not, it is a shame to come to Buenos Aires and not learn to play the sport of kings!!

Most places charge a fortune for a day of polo with asado and wine and things like that, where one ends up passing a full day. These are great and I started my polo experience in a place that offered exactly that, but I eventually found out these places were more centered around the "día de campo" than really learning to play polo and about great polo horses, not to mention trying to sell overpriced horses to foreigners.

In January of 2009 I changed polo clubs to where I go now in Cañuelas (home of Adolfo Cambiaso and La Dolfina). It isn't a public club but a private, working polo club where several professionals keep and train their horses.

Depending on the time of year, prácticas are organized 4-5 days a week as the pros need to work their horses. You can come play with them using good horses that are well trained and actually run (not the sad skinny hags that don't run that many clubs use) and are used themselves in low-goal tournaments.

Depending on your level, people are invited to come have 1 hour of taqueo/lesson (stick and ball) followed by a short práctica-- morning or afternoon, and you are back in the city after just a few hours!

I go to Cañuelas using the Lobos Bus which takes 50 minutes and drops us off right around the corner from the club, and I get a ride back to the city. Depending on what time the sun goes down, I usually leave around 4:30 and am home by 8:30 or 9 on weekdays, and weekends mornings or afternoons with a bit more time spent in the prácticas.

All this is just 200 pesos including mallet, helmet, chaps and of course horses and horse gear.

I started playing polo in August 2008 at a club in Lobos (1.5 hours away) with mediocre horses and no professionals and although it was fun and I loved it, I never really began to learn about polo until January 2009 when I started going to Cañuelas. The experience and skill I have learned so far is invaluable and I can't recommend this type of polo experience enough!

Recently in October 3 girls with no horse riding experience started played and by January they were actually playing games and hitting balls (not just playing games running around not hitting anything)-- it was amazing!

If you or any friends are interested in playing polo please send me a private message on here with your email address and we can arrange a first day of polo.

I promise, you won't regret it! Lessons in English or Spanish, great horses, beautiful campo and wonderful people.
Sounds great, can u supply me with some details.. I play at a beginner level and would love to participate at this place, how does one get organized to play and on what days?

I'm living in BA and my sister will visit me this week. I think its a nice idea to organize a polo practice for her and me. I have no experience whatsoever in horse riding but my sister is a showjumping amazone on international level...

Can you provide me with some more info...
Availability this week??
I would love to join the next time you go! Im here until March and learning polo is one of the top three things on my list while I am here in BA.