Polo Lessons And "dia De Estancia" - Recommendation Needed


Jan 31, 2012
Hi there,

I have family visiting from abroad and they want to spend one day (or two) in the Pampas in a Estancia and they want to learn how to play Polo. Well... I am not sure they will learn it but they want to try it and they have little experience with horses.

I have done a quick search on google and there are many Estancias. Do you have first hand experience with any of them?

We do not have a car, so it would be much better if there is one that pick up people in capital or that can be access by bus/train. Otherwise we may consider renting a car.

Estancia Juan geronimo is one of the best and the largest estancia.



For Polo try this one; http://handycuppolo.com.puma.avnam.net/index.html
He provides everything about Polo and also has a Polo Field, called Kawell, 50 kilometers from BA. On Wednesday and Saturday, you can watch professionals practicing.

Good luck,

good luck,
Puesto Viejo is owned by an English friend of mine and does polo days and dias del campo. They organise a pick up in capital as well. http://puestoviejoestancia.com.ar/
Hi my friends run El Retiro Polo School they offer an estancia day with asado and polo lessons at their place close to Pilar, they will pick up from the city and have options to stay a the Estancia overnight and chill by the pool . The family are wonderfully welcoming and warm and is truly an authentic experience. They can be contacted on [email protected]
I thoroughly recommend Puesto Viejo in Canuelas, it's run by an expat British guy and his Argentine wife and it's amazing.
Lobobus takes you from downtown BA to Canuelas and they collect you from your stop.
There's usually someone at Lobobus that speaks English and tell them where you're going so they can tell the driver.