Pope: How rude can you get?

Sounds like damage control. Whatever he did before the people in the video, his behavior toward the ones whom he brushed away was rude and insensitive. For sure what should have been a highlight of their lives was diminished if not ruined by the pope's brusque behavior.
Don't worry , he can be as 'rude' as he wants. Surely if he goes to confession all will be forgiven, right? :x

On a more serious note. A bunch of cult members complaining about how their cult leaders' non compliance with ritual offends them, yet the same sheep are more than happy to accept all the other madness, opression and manipulation... It's kinda laughable.

ps: no I don't 'respect' religeous views/organizations. They are cults, just old cults with wide social acceptance.

Respect is earned, not given based on custom/political correctness.

Let's hope these widespread cults are ended, or heavily regulated and not given free money from governments due to 'charity' status. They steal money from the populations by not paying taxes. This lowers the standard of living for everyone else. Outrageous.