Pre-apartment arrangements...


Jan 16, 2010
Hi guys,

I land Feb 17th and will be -- hopefully -- looking to get into a place March 1st, is that even reasonable to hope for?

In the mean time, what would you recommend I do for accommodations Feb 17-28?

Some info about me, I'm a 25 year old Canadian with travel experience. I don't speak Spanish but will have some common phrases under my belt, very very basic stuff. I don't expect N. American style living but I'm hoping for something semi-decent, something I am comfortable to come home to and relax inside while working (laptop work). Everything I've read points to waiting to find a place after arriving for better deals on decent places, so that kind of the approach I'm hoping to take...

Of course until I'm down there I won't really have a good idea of where I want to be, but from reading it sounds like I'll end up settling in a place like Palermo or San Telmo. I'm not a rich Ex-pat but I don't want to live like a backpacker either... at least not for long term.

Are there any tips or suggestions, knowing that realistically my Spanish isn't going to get that much better before I find myself in a situation where I have to try and communicate an accommodation deal? What should I ask you? Knowing what you know now, what would you be asking if you were me, right now? :)

Can't wait to meet some of you!


More or less just hoping to get further discussion going on the topic of finding temporary rental places for while I look for somewhere to live.
Hi Devc,

What's your budget?

If you want some temporary accommodation and don't speak much Spanish then you are in the same boat as me and my wife!

We are here in sunny Buenos Aires now (just arrived this week, here for 3 months) and have rented an apartment between Palermo Viejo and Barrio Norte through BYT I have been very impressed with there service. Prior to arriving there email communications were very good, and they didn't charge an additional fee when I change the dates slightly. When we arrived they were here to meet us at the apartment and showed us round and ensured everything was working (the guy who met us spoke good English and explained the contract etc.) The following day we got a call from BYT on the apartment phone just checking if everything was OK with the apartment, and if they could help with anything - nice touch.

Whilst I know that we pay 'tourist prices' the place we have is within our budget and I am happy with the price. It has proved very easy to sort out, and BYT has a large range and compared to other services that rank high in Google the rents are much cheaper. My only criticism is that you have to pay cash on arrival. I find this a hassle as carrying so much cash is not something I would do in my home town, let alone somewhere I am unfamiliar with. Whilst this gives you the chance to walk away from the apartment, I would have thought they would have a facility to pay more than the 20% deposit online.

I'd also like to mention that we used Ana Luna's private driver service from the airport. Our plane was late but Ana was waiting there for us and even refused extra money when I didn't have correct change! Very good and friendly service $43 from Airport to Apartment (there are cheaper ways, but this made it easy). (the pictures on the site are Ana, so you know who to look for at the airport, though she also holds a sign with your name on).

That's all for now, just enjoying being here in BA. Glad I found this forum, it has been very useful!

Hope this helps,

Hi Devc

The previous post is right and I would add that some Spanish will be VERY important in order to understand the deal you may get. There are two big IF's though in order to understand the type of rentals you can get in BA.

IF you plan to stay as a tourist and "extend" your stay while looking for something to do, in terms of rentals you will only be able to get furnished rentals for tourists, that as the previous post says, tend to be more pricey than a standard rental. The advantage is that, depending on location and amenities, you may still be paying a fair price when compared back home.

IF you will be staying in Argentina "legally" on a work visa you might be able to get into a standard rental apartment. These are normally targeted at the local market and with, of course, lower prices in AR$. The drawback is that such apartments do not tend to be furnished or have amenities and you will be locked in for a two year contract. Plus you need a "garantia" (someone that will pay for you in case you default the rent). Anyways, there are many posts in this site on the tourist vs. local rental market and the requirements for both (which I tried to briefly outlined above).

This said, I am original from Buenos Aires and I own an apartment in the Downtown / Puerto Madero border. It's a one bedroom apartment an has all the amenities (including free wifi). Now is rented but it will free from 18th feb to 20th march. Here below is the link. PM me if inerested

Have a good stay in Buenos Aires!

Many appartments can be rented by day or by the week.
There are also people who rent out spare rooms.....
Hi there, I cannot recommend highly enough, we have been with them now for fives months and we have chosen to live in different parts of the city. There is no 'old bull' just honest advice and good service. We wanted a really cheap place for our son who is coming in February and has a very low budget as he refuses to stay with his dear old mum and and dad - how rude - we have rented him a studio for $122 a week at monthly rates. Speak to Gisele - 4807 9046 she is clear about the apartment and the quality - quote, 'if you spend less than USD 300 a week do not expect a palace and be sure there are no luxuries but the apartment, linens and towels should be clean and tidy or you do not have to check in!'. They are a very good compay and expat (British) run. Good Luck Ron
Hey everyone, thanks for the great info! I've got a much better idea of what I'll be doing now. Cheers and see you soon!