Pregnant in BsAs


Sep 28, 2008
hello, my name is angie and i have been living here since january. my husband and i moved here from los angeles, and plan on staying for a few years.
i am currently 6 months pregnant and am due to have my baby in late december.

does anyone know of an english speaking/bi lingual midwife in bsas? or even any prenatal classes that are offered in english? i have medicus but i am willing to pay for classes or a midwife to make my birth more comfortable for me. my spanish is not so good yet and i don't expect it to be by the time i give birth.

thank you!
Greetings Angie,
I'm a US doula and lactation consultant living and working in Buenos Aires.
If you'd like to contact me my cel number is 153-151-7687.

Hope to hear form you!

Take care,
Awhile ago I read an article about an Anglo-Argentine woman at the British Hospital who has been working at the British Hospital for many years. She is a part of the administration of the hospital, possibly known as "Matron". I forget her name. Someone might be able to help out. Anyway, she obviously speaks perfect English. I have a feeling she would be a great source of information.