Pregnant women's meet up


Dec 17, 2009
I'm 11/12 weeks pregnant with my first child and am still trying to figure everything out, not just about how the system works here but just generally how it all works. What scans come when, what health specialists you need etc etc. I noticed that there are often plenty of pregnancy questions here on the womans forum and thought it would be nice to be able to share questions, ideas and fears with any other pregnant ladies here in Buenos Aires. If anyone is interested in meeting up for coffee and a chat then I am very flexible timings wise. I live in Palermo Soho. Please get in touch and we can all support each other through this exciting time.

I look forward to hearing from you. Besos. x
Hey ya, it would be nice indeed to meet up for coffee and a chat. I'm not an expert on this issue but i'm currently on my 30th week pregnancy and i definitely could share with you what i've experienced so far. Like you, this is my first child and it sure was/is tricky to figure things out especially being away from home and for my case, knowing very basic Spanish. I'm also living in Palermo Soho and am very flexible timing wise.
Looking forward to your reply, Un beso.
Hasta luego!
Hi Jazzoo,

That sounds great. How about Monday at Limbo on Armenia middle of the block by the plaza between Costa Rica and Nicaragua? Anytime in the afternoon is good for me. Let me know if that suits you. All the best.
Hi deadlegs,
Awesome. Monday at Limbo suits me just fine. Say 3 o'clock?
All the best to you too, cheerios :)
Hi Jazzoo,

Perfect. I'll see you there. I'll look out for the pregnant lady. Hopefully there won't suddenly be an influx! See you on Monday.