prescription ran out before i did....


Jan 3, 2010
so i was here for 5 weeks, i have another 5 days left on my trip and im an very light sleeper....i take ambien but didnt bring enough. asking at a pharmacy i was of course told i need a prescription for that, any other news to tell?

tried melatonin but it leaves you feeling 'drunk' all the next day...

anyone have extra? any leads or tips?

Muscle relaxant helps, especially on the bus, no prescription needed. Does not work as well as sleeping pills, but works.

"Relajante muscular", for example, Diclofenac.
Try another farmacia, not a chain like Farmacity, but a neighborhood one. Just explain the situation and, if you have it, bring your prescription bottle from the states. I've found the smaller places to be accomodating and understanding. It might also help if you do it in Palermo, where they are used to tourist requests.
Agree with SFMike, can get prescription drugs like anti-biotics without prescription here at the right places if you are persistent.
you dont even have to be persistent, if you have the empty box, bring it, show it, pretend you dont speak any Spanish, and they will give it to you almost 100%