Printing Boletas for the Bus -- Help!


Aug 10, 2009
I ordered a ticket to Puerto Madryn on Andesmar for tomorrow, assuming I could just check in when I got to Retiro and pick up my ticket. PERO, it according to the website I have to print it out somewhere before hand. I checked a couple of locutorios near my house in Palermo, but couldn't find one with a printer.

I checked older forums on this, but no luck -- does anyone know a place in Palermo (or near Retiro) where I can print out an email/ticket?

Can you put it on a USB key? There is a place on Araoz that you can bring your USB key and they will print the document. I can't remember the exact adress but if you if you walk up Araoz (against traffic) from Santa Fe then it's 3 no more than 5 blocks, on the corner on the right. It has red, yellow orange circles on the window.
No. The guy doesn't have internet... If my printer was working, you could come over. But when I changed my computer I had a problem hooking up the printer & so never did it!
Can't anyone print this for Mike????
There's an internet shop in Palermo SoHo on Armenia between Guemes & Charcas that has functioning printers. Forget what they charged per page, but it wasn't shockingly expensive.
Great -- thanks. Turns out I needn't have panicked: there's a locutorio in Retiro with a printer. Thanks for all the help though.
In Paseo Alcorta shopping there is also a printing service. Right next to the exit of some supermarket I think. Was 4 pesos for 4 pages and I paid with 4 coins à 1 peso, he was so happy about it :)
Since I have internet at home now (more time on the damned internet that I should), I didn't even think of the locutorios! But I'm glad you got your ticket printed in time.