Printing Digital Pictures


Dec 1, 2013
I have a digital memory card with many pictures that I recently took here in Arg. Unfortunately, I haven't found any place where I can get some of these pictures printed. In the US you can go to the local Pharmancy and use there photo lab facilities. Where can i get this done here in BA, specifically in the Puerto Madero area? Thank you, Lou
Two locations in Buenos Aires. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

Kodak Express has two locations in the city.
a friend recommended Megaphoto. They are in caballito but can deliver. I went to the Vicente Lopez carrefour and it was crazy expensive. (8 pesos per photo!). there are groupon offers frequently where it's about 2 pesos per photo. I think megaphoto is somewhere in between, and gets cheaper the more you order. also if you aren't nearby for pick up they deliver. and they offer lots of customization on their website like printing big ones if the resolution is there.