Private English Tutoring/Editing/Proofing of Texts etc.


Apr 5, 2010
I am British/Australian and now based here in Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

I hold Bachelors/Honours/Masters degrees in Education - specialising in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)/Applied Linguistics/CALL (Computer Aided Language Learning).

My last academic post was as a visiting fellow in the University of Aberdeen (est. 1495).

I have been editor-in-chief for major research/publication projects and have considerable international experience (UK, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Australia, etc.) as a professor of English, corporate trainer, consultant in cross cultural communication and other areas.

I have many years of experience in the IT industry as well as law enforcement and other government/corporate areas of specialisation.

Whilst I have most of my working week already scheduled for the next 12 months I do have a few hours available to advanced postgrad students who would like intensive English (1 on 1 or small group) tutoring or for business professionals/legal practitioners/others who have specific goals to achieve in terms of their English language proficiency.

If you are interested in one on one intensive English instruction - or if your business requires my help as a consultant - to assist with your international communication in English, quality assurance of this, the proofing/editing of technical, medical, legal or other specialised documentation in English, etc. - feel free to contact me. You can send me a private message on this board or post below...

I look forward to hearing from you soon.