Private Renting/Leasing a Motorcycle in Buenos Aires for 4 months


Nov 17, 2019
Hey everyone,
TlDr: Looking for private renters interested in renting me their motorcycle for 4 months.

I'll be moving to Buenos Aires from the States in January and will be there for 4 months. I've previously privately rented motorcycles from private owners I found on online forums in the US and South Korea to avoid the hassle of buying, registering, insuring, etc a motorcycle when I move into a place temporarily. They would usually add me onto their insurance contract and I'd pay a deposit upfront which would be reimbursed upon my return. This would be a great way for the private owners to make some passive income in 4 months while I take good care of their ride & use it for local commutes.

I'm an experienced motorcycle rider having driven in over 7 countries and have my valid driver's license and International Driving Permit. Would super appreciate any leads or tips on how to approach this!

Thank you,