Proper Internet Access--Does It Exist?


Nov 19, 2012
I know this question's been asked many times, but I thought I would try again to see if anything's changed. I've been searching for a decent internet provider in Buenos Aires for a while, and have been quite horrified with the results. Wondering if anyone has any advice or knows of any special deals. It seems that the major providers have completely duped Argentinean consumers. They all advertise mediocre-speed services as if they are the greatest thing ever (6 Mb/s? In 2012? Really?) but hide the fact that they have pittifully slow upload speeds less--than 1 Mb/s. It's disturbing. I'm coming from a 40M down / 5M up connection, and I realize I can't expect the exact same level of service here, but want to at least find something with decent (2M at least?) uplink bandwidth--that's really the priority. Of course I don't want to pay a fortune for this either, and I certainly am not going to agree to any long-term contract. Am I just SOL?

I've looked at Fibertel Evolution 30M down / 3 up, and even though it's fucking ridciulous for the upstream bandwidth to be only 10% of the downstream, I could still handle it if it weren't so bloody expensive! (More than double what I used to pay.) Also, I can't find any information about what the early termination fees are for the plans that require a contract. Anyone know? Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks in advance!