Psychological effects of the quarantine


With the extension of the quarantine I am worried about the psychological impact on people, especially those in small flats. Any ideas on how to reduce the stress?


There was a WhatsApp audio going around: “Mañana todos a las 9, a nuestros balcones. Para tirarnos.”

In general humor is healthy. The meme explosion is a bit much, but is cathartic.


I’ve been using video chatting technology more often than before, outside of work, which was my primary use. With so many phones with cameras, it makes this easy. Facetime, facebook messenger video, whatsapp video, zoom, and many others available. If you’re adventurous, you set up a group chat and let the chaos ensue (it’s really only chaotic until everyone realizes that not everyone can talk at the same time...sharing is caring, lol).