Punta del Este on BBC travel show


Jun 30, 2006
Punta del Este will be featured on the BBC travel show Fast Track this Easter Weekend.

Times for Argentina as shown on their schedule are:
Fri April 2 19:30
Sat April 3 9:30am 15:30
Sun April 4 3:30am

I caught the end of a preview. They interview Argentine tourists about their passion for Punta. They also will show Jose Ignacio.
If you have DirecTV, or cable with Telecentro, you can see it on the BBCWorld channel.

On Multicanal and Cablevision you can only see it through the digital cable box. This box has many more channels than the basic service. It's well worth the extra 15 pesos per month.
I'm in the Colonia countryside, and Internet is the only option.
Punta fascinates me :confused:.

I’ve not been there mainly because of the reports/opinions I’ve heard. Why would anyone want to go to a place where even in summer you need to wear a coat at night or pay through the nose for a fernet con cola ($70-$100) not to mention going out for dinner!

I’ve been told the beach is ok, but the water is a freezing brown liquid which makes me think of going to a posh Skegness type place.. (for those who don’t know Skegness see image below)


(Couldn't find another pic showing the water in Skegness, but this will do)

I can understand the celeb hunting however not my cup of tea. For the price of a week there I’d much prefer to go to Brazil.

However my information is second hand so I could be entirely wrong even though is from a handful of sources. Who’s been and is it as bad as I’ve heard?


Mr. Expat31 Esq.
well i went with me novia in December a couple of years ago and stayed in a "hotelish like place" in the peninsular...2 blocks to the Atlantic ocean and 2 blocks to the river.

kin borinig at that time of year.....the main street is about 300 yards and thats it....
went on the tour bus 12 people and wa like a estate agent tour...this on the left is an apaartment block each c

cost 1million dollars.......the richest man in the world....Mexican bloke this is his house....cheating bastard Maradona has a house in this bay......fucking ace

oh and there is the casino......mucha plata.....so if I was you give it a miss
and it is more expensive than here....URP5to 1 arp...